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My name is Will Gross and I am a second generation florist in the pacific northwest. I was introduced to OUR and the work they do through a magazine publication. The article resonated with me because I was blown away about the horrific situation that exists with child slavery, but also felt great hope in the efforts of OUR and other organizations out there with the mission to eliminate it. 

Through much discussion with my team we have developed a revenue share program. 10% of all greeting cards that we sell will go toward OUR and help to rescue children around the world. We have partnerships with florists all over the world so you can call us and have flowers or a gift with that greeting card delivered basically anywhere. We hope that our modest contribution will help to make change.

The Impact

We hope that the monetary contribution will grow to a significant level as we sell greeting cards and also figure out other ways that we can contribute. Another goal that we are excited about is providing awareness to our customers and community of the situation and the solutions. We hope to assist many children in becoming free.

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