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Operation Under Ground Railroad (OUR) is an organization that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking. Ever since CBS News aired a special on OUR many years ago I have kept up with what the work they do around the world. I've donated periodically (hardly enough to make a dent) and introduced my concealed carry students to the organization at the end of every class. I am in awe of what they do and am inspired by Tim Ballard and his passion for what he does. If you want more information, feel free to click on the links offered above.
So why am I introducing you to this organization? I want to start a campaign to raise some money for OUR. The concept is pretty simple. I have a goal to lose 50 lbs by December 1 (current weight is 257). For every pound I lose between now and December 1, 2018 I will donate $2 to OUR. Here's where you come in. I'd like to either have you sponsor me (any amount per pound, even if it's just a dime) or set your own goal and donate a certain amount based on your weight loss (feel free to ask for your own sponsors). My goal is to raise $1,500 for OUR by the deadline.

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