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This is the official campaign of the O.U.R. Washington DC Volunteer Team. Join us to end trafficking



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We are a group of concerned citizens brought together as the Washington D.C. Volunteer Team, to help do our part in ending human trafficking both in the United States, and worldwide! Unfortunately, human trafficking across all levels still exists today, and it is an endemic that must be ended. With your support, we can better aid the Operation Underground Railroad Team in their mission to eradicate human traffickers and save lives.

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Washington D.C. is not only our nation's capital, but also one of the largest metropolitan areas in our country. D.C. is home to millions of hard-working Americans who want to do whats right for their families. We here at O.U.R Rescue want to extend that right to every family across the globe. We believe with the unique culture Washington D.C. offers, it can become a bastion for the volunteer teams across the country to affect change! 

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Matthew Shafer

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Keep up the Good work!

Dennis Gallagher

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Wow this site needs work. i wanted to donate 50/ month and it didn't allow me. I also tried to log in but it hasn't sent the message to my email so I can continue. For all I know this won't get to you either. This is great what you are doing but if you don't clean up this site the rest of us can not help the way we want. Thanks and God Bless Dennis Gallagher


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I want to donate $50/ month using the below credit card

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