The world through their eye's

We need to bring the innocense back to the children of the world. No child should be alone.



Your Story

(Hello, My name is Paul and I live in Dallas, TX. I am happily married and the proud father of handsome 3 year old. I spent a little time in the military and have traveled quite a bit. I have seen many beautiful things in my travels, but I have also seen some of the worst atrocities man has to offer. None can be worse than abuse of children in any fashion, especially small children. What is even worse is the thought that somewhere out their in the world a child is being held against their will, Hungry, Terrified,  and alone. No child should ever be robbed of their innocence, we need to step up and ensure that our children and those who have no parents equally are protected and allowed to enjoy childhood like the rest of us have. Let's end the pain, the suffering and the lonliness for thes children today, because yesterday was already to late.)

The Impact

(For those of us who are fortunate enough to hold the title "Parent", know that their is nothing that we wouldn't do for our children. Now imagine for one second, (God Forbid) that your child was taken from you and you had no idea as to their whereabouts, the anguish and heart break we would be going through. And even if you didn't have children imagine that pain in the hearts of those parents who are sitting and wondering where their child is. Not knowing if they are alive or what is being done to them. It would be unbearable, let's fight back, stop these people from imposing their will and fear on the thousands of parent's of the world who have had their children taken from them. Let's end their suffering, and that of the children involved as well. You will literally be saving 3 life's, the life of the child and those of the parent whose lives have been turned upside down. Let's all come together and make the difference that we all dream we could. Let's save our children.)

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