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Hey!  I'm Annaliese Koltermann.  When I became aware of what OUR was up to there wasn't any way I couldn't be apart of it.  I even looked into joining the marines because I wanted to find some way, any way to help.  In my online courses, I help people who feel disapointed in some way with their lives.  They know they are destined for more, they desire to experience more, to have more, to be more. More love, more joy, more confidence, more healing, more connection, more aliveness... and they are willing to open their hearts and minds, try something new, and create transformation for themselves.  People end up leaving my programs with the sense theat they are finally in love with their lives.  They have discovered a secret to living their life that was within them the whole time.  Through this campaign they will now experience even more meaning and fulfillment when they know a portion of their investment will go directly to OUR.  I see myself in each of the children stuck in a life they didn't choose.  Each child who is rescued and is given a chance to heal, a second chance to live.  

All we really have is now.  What we will do now, say now, be now.  The moment offers infinite possibilities.  The possibility to give something that someone else needs is a beautiful possibility to choose. In a world full of so much, why not give freedom? 

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