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If you have been looking for somewhere to learn how to use your camera and take better pictures, we've created an amazing course for you. ​We've come together as a group of ten professional portrait photographers to create an easy to understand, jam-packed photography workshop video that will get you excited about your photography. 

It's a course for anyone wanting to improve their photography, but especially for those wanting to capture images of loved ones in beautiful, meaningful ways they've only hoped they could. A big section is geared toward learning how to get the most out of your DSLR camera (shooting in manual mode, focus modes, how to choose a lens, etc.) so if you have a camera you’ve been putting off learning how to use, this is the perfect resource for you! We created this workshop in response to many of the questions we receive about photography—to TEACH and INSPIRE you to create images that you and your family or clients will LOVE.

ALL of the proceeds will be going to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an incredible organization that works to rescue and rehabilitate the estimated 2 million children held captive in sex slavery, the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the United States— and in the world. We’ve donated our means to help them, and we hope you will too!

Topics include—

*How to shoot in indoor and outdoor natural light

*How to engage children and capture real connection

*How to capture moments of meaning for your clients or your loved ones

*How to use your camera! —to understand and be in control of your camera's functions (including simple explanations of semi-auto modes and manual mode— like how to create that beautiful blurry background, bring in more light, or freeze movement) We break it down in a way that’s simple and easy to understand!

*How to nail your focus every time and understand different focus modes

*Basics on how to choose a lens or a camera

*Tips for photographing people

*Guidance to expand your creativity

*A demonstration on editing with Lightroom

So JOIN US!— to learn your camera, love your photography, and help rescue these kids!

—To purchase the course, please use THIS LINK: or the purchase button down below.

Funds will be delivered to Operation Underground Railroad from that site. You are welcome to donate other funds directly here, but please do not purchase your course here. You can download the video files (available in two files sizes for efficient device use) or stream it directly from the website. Once downloaded, you can refer to it at any time. It is about 2 hours and 20 minutes long.The course video was generously filmed and created by The Copper Creative. @brirobbins @chloeannestoker

Here is our team of photographers. I’ve included their instagram accounts as well. 

Brooke Schultz— @brookebschultz

Kristina Curtis— @kristinacurtisphotography

Tracy Layne— @tracylaynephotography

Ali Middleton— @alimiddleton

Jessica Janae— @jessicajanaee

Lizzy Williams— @lizzyography

Sam Kelly— @samkelly_photo

Kylee Ann— @kyleeannstudios

Rachel Hudson— @rachel.kastudios

Tami Schellenberg— @tamischellenberg

Our official website is:
http:// Click here to buy this course

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