Save a child, save a slave.

My wife Sandy and I want to devote 2017 to raising funds to help O.U.R.



Sandy and I raised five boys in a suburb of St. Paul. We are middle-aged and middle-income with busy lives that stop for very few things. We hit a brick wall when we started tuning-in to the horrible stories of the worldwide child sex trade. That's when things stopped for us. and we have are devoting 2017 to raising $25,000 for Operation Underground Rairoad. 

It’s hard to believe in this day and age, but the people who keep track of the darkest of all statistics estimate more than 30 million people are held in slavery worldwide today. Two million of those are estimated to be children. 

Operation Underground Railroad rescues children who are sold into slavery on the black market - and prosecutes their captors. This wonderful group also provides critical aftercare and schooling for the children they save. 

To imagine the hopelessness of any one of these children, abandoned, afraid and alone, requires a literal gazing through the gates of hell. On any given day, they will reportedly be exploited dozens of times by faceless strangers in an endless cycle of unimaginable pain and evil.

No matter how many directions your good heart is pulled, granting freedom and hope to a child enslaved must surely merit consideration. 

Please help...

Sandy and I will kick the program off by contributing the first $1,000.

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Elizabeth Crothers

Amount: $ 100.00

Brenda Millerr

Amount: $ 20.00

thanks to Nikkie James for inviting me.


Amount: $ 10.00

God bless you

Dan and Sandy Larson

Amount: $ 1000.00

We are proud and privileged to begin this campaign by donating the first $1,000.00, toward the ultimate goal of $25,000.00 by this time next year. We do this in the knowledge that our efforts, and the efforts of all who follow us in this campaign, will lead to freedom and hope tomorrow, for someone who has neither today. May God's endless love bless this campaign, all of those who participate, all of those at O.U.R., and especially all of those who we aim to free.

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