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Hi there My name is William Sharma Attwood. I have allways belived in civil rights and have looked up to the great men and women who have stood up for what they belive in. I belive its time for me to make a stand with my community to help Operation underground Railroad in any way possible. Sarnia being a border city has a rich history of aiding the abolition of slavery in the past. I strongly think that we need to step up once again as proud memebers of our community and come to the aide of this incredible organization. I am 22 years old and understnand that I have a long way to go, although I will not sit on the sidelines and end up as part of the problem instead of the solution. 

The Impact

This campaign is of utmost importance as very few people in my community are aware that there is something they can do to help. As Tim Ballard has said "Light and Darkness can never share the same place at the same time." I know in my heart it is up to all of us as a community to be aware that this is a problem and more importantly that we can be part of the solution. In turn I hope that we can shine a light on this issue together.

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