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We are all victims of circumstance.

After many years of being told that I can't do anything right, and being told I was not good enough, and would never do better, I woke up. I took back my life, and created a future I could be happy with and proud of. I stopped being the victim, and became the survivor. 
As an adult, this change was a difficult one to make, but it was doable. As a child it is quite impossible without the assistance, love, and support of others. Many things in life are not fair, but a lot is left desolate that can be controlled by the help of others. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to choose happiness, but there are some who never get the opportunity.
Be the solution.

Children shouldn't have to wait until adulthood to create a happiness for themselves. They deserve it now, and we should feel honored to contribute to this for as many children as possible.
To advert your eyes and to pretend you live in a perfect world only makes you part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Everyone is capable of helping someone. There's never an excuse good enough to just walk away or keep on scrolling. Even a little can go a long way.
Join SOSH A this year, and whether you shop with us as a way of donating, or donate directly to OUR, you will be honored, you will be thanked and blessed in ways you could never imagine. We can gift to these children, and help to free them from a life of torture and misery. It's not hard to help, but it is easier to walk away. Which will you choose?
I believe loving ourselves and supporting and serving others is the key to shinning bright in this world. It is also the way we leave some sort of imprint behind for others to remember us after we are gone.

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