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Rape slavery is a 30 billion dollar a year criminal enterprise, and the fastest growing industry on earth. There are nearly 2 million children trapped in this slavery.  Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) rescues children from human trafficking with an action team of former Navy Seals and CIA who go undercover to catch the monsters committing these atrocities.  You can watch a CBS news feature of their amazing work here: rescue operation     O.U.R. also helps in the rehabilitation of rescued children who will need medical treatment, food, psychological therapy, and shelter.   All donations will go to funding the rescue operation and rehabilitation of these children.

We are running to liberate these enslaved children around the world and I invite you to join our team in this effort.  For our team logo we chose the bird, to symbolize the child breaking free from it's cage.There is no greater evil on earth than what is happening to these little ones. For every mile completed, my family will donate $1 to O.U.R. through the 'Running for Rescues' campaign.   Our 2016 goal is to raise $2,000;  the average cost of rescuing one child.   Our long term goal will be to raise $25,000 to fund a rescue operation.  Please watch this very powerful video of Operation Underground Railroad on the Glen Beck show discussing their rescue work here.

You can join the O.U.R. family in fighting this evil and become an abolitionist today.   Any donation will make a difference! 

Please follow us on Instagram here to see our running progress.  Let's bring them home!  

- Lori, Lainey, Baila, and Isabelle

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