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I am running a 50 kilometer race in September of 2018



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A few years ago I did a research paper in college about human trafficking. This really hit me hard. To know that in this day and age our children are being victimized.

So a few years ago I heard about O.U.R. and decided to join them in there fight. I helped "The Abolitionists" at our local theater to get the word out. But I needed to do more.

So, September 2018 I am running a 50k (32 mile) trail race. I'm using this event and the training runs for this event as a way for us to team up and help these heroes give our children hope

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Matthew Mansfield

Amount: $ 100.00

Thanks Jeff!

Dana Howell

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

As the year goes on I expect to contribute more to this VERY worthy campaign. Go Jeff!

Randy Step

Amount: $ 40.00

Thanks for your effort!

Randy Step

Amount: $ 1.00

Thanks for what you are doing!

Mike Basham

Amount: $ 30.00

#keepgoing and Have an awesome 2018 running for your cause!

Sara McCloskey

Amount: $ 15.00

Such a worthy and notable cause!

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