Runners Against Child Exploitation (R.A.C.E.)

We are a group of runners that run FOR and WITH a purpose in mind.



Who is The IronCowboy and What Is 50-50-50?

I am an athlete. I am a husband.  I am a proud father of four daughters and a son.  I compete in endurance races and Ironman Triathlons. Currently I hold two world records in 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon racing. 

Now I hold a personal record for 50 Ironman courses, 50 consecutive days, through all 50 States!

In 2015 I tested the the limits of my mind and body with this  50-50-50 challenge. 

June 6th 2016 marks the anniversary of this personal record and we are bringing YOU a new challenge!

My daughters(12&13) and I want to challenge you to a 50-50-50!

For 50 Days we will be doing 50 5ks - 50 WOD and 50 days without sugar!

50 consecutive 5ks, 50 WOD(workouts of the day) and 50 days no sugar! Join us and help us raise $1 a day(or more) to help us save children from Exploitation and Sex slavery!

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Crystal Flynn

Amount: $ 20.00

Thanks for the challenge!!

Crystal Flynn

Amount: $ 1.00

Thanks for the challenge!!


Amount: $ 35.00

Excited to join the challenge and to help in the fight against child exploitation.


Amount: $ 50.00

Lily you are my hero! :) You've got this.

Julie Nestro

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Clyde Powers

Amount: $ 25.00

Anne McCarthy

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Anne McCarthy

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Susan R Fleegle

Amount: $ 25.00

I am donating this now, but I am also following the Ironcowboy 50 day challenge. So, I hope to be able to have more donations to this campaign.


Amount: $ 5.00

Mike Detrick

Amount: $ 50.00

Jon Tenney

Amount: $ 100.00

James is doing great work! I am happy to join him and support his efforts!

Jennifer Charpentier

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Yusuf Rimawi

Amount: $ 50.00

Great cause. Didn't know this was an issue.


Amount: $ 50.00

What an amazing campaign. Day one and I'm missing my mid afternoon sugar hit - I think the food part is going to be harder than the exercise!

Michael T Merrill

Amount: $ 50.00

I believe in the Iron Cowboy and what he stands for. I support this cause with my donation today and will run a minimum of 5k per day for the next 50 Days to show this. Once I complete the goal - I will make another donation of gratitude for the opportunity to join in such an important and worthy cause.

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