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I am a mother of four amazing teenagers. I LOVE being a mother and I want to do all I can to protect them, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Over the years, I've come to understand through personal relationships with loved ones and friends, how devastating the effects of pornography are on a person. So many good people struggled with it personally or had a loved one who did. It has become an epidemic. I decided I needed to do something about this so I went back to school and received a Master's in Human Behavior with pornography addiction as my main topic of research. This experience taught me not only about the effects of the addiction on individuals, but families and society. I learned that one of the many awful effects is that pornography addiction left untreated leads eventually to sexual assault, abuse and child pornography.

After hearing Tim Ballard speak at an event, our family decided we wanted and needed to do something to help support his organization in rescuing children. With over 2,000,000 children in the world actively being sold as sex slaves, we felt we had an obligation to stand up and fight against child slavery. We chose to find a way to raise funds to donate to Operation Underground Railroad ( to bring relief to these children. We feel so blessed to enjoy safety, love and so many freedoms and want to help them have the same opportunities and blessings.

So, as a family, we decided to do something we've never done...put together a charity run! This has been a huge learning experience and we have been blessed tremendously with wonderful people to help us understand all that goes into putting a race together. The race will be Saturday, June 10, 2017 in Arlington, WA.

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 for O.U.R. While this is a HUGE amount, my kids set the goal and we intend to work hard until we reach it.

The Impact

This event will give others an opportunity to become aware of how big child sex trafficking is as well as an opportunity to help in a very worthy cause. If everyone just sits back and ignores the reality of this problem, more children will continue to be taken, sold and sexually, emotionally and physically abused. We are aware we are not Navy Seals or Tae Kwon Do blackbelts, so we can't go on a mission ourselves, but we can help fund a mission to aid in sending these brave, kind people who are willing and capable. All money raised (100%) at this event will go directly to this amazing organization.

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