Rescue Child Slaves






I first learned of Operation Underground Railroad a few years ago while searching for a charity that excited me, one I could see myself becoming very passionate about.  I found many, but as I read about O.U.R.’s mission, I knew right away this was it.  O.U.R.’s purpose is to eradicate child sex trafficking – by means of sending trained operatives into the darkest corners of the earth to rescue child sex slaves and incarcerate their captors in covert sting operations, coordinated with local law enforcement.  Growing awareness and support for the organization has allowed it to expand its impact to ensuring the children’s rehabilitation and education long after rescue, as well as develop and distribute cutting-edge technology designed to detect and track sex traffickers.


Why did I choose this organization over others?  I determined for myself that, in considering all the causes of suffering in this world, I could not think of a single thing that was more evil or horrifying than abducted children forced into daily sexual abuse at the hands of pedophilic sex tourists.  It is estimated that there are over 2 million children sex slaves in the world – each one a child that at one point had dreams and aspirations, that is now scared, shackled, and robbed of anything remotely resembling a happy childhood.  Help me bring these evil traffickers to their knees and behind bars.  Help me rescue these children, one by one, let’s bring them home, help them heal, get them in school, and remind them of their humanity. 


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