Rescue A Child From Sex Trafficking

A campaign launched to raise money and awareness for Operation Underground Railroad




O.U.R is an organization that fights valiantly against child sex trafficking across the globe. Their missions are thoroughly planned and executed through the following process:  

1. Assess the feasibility of rescue: through working with local law enforcement 
2. Research the location: vetting potential facilities that take in and care for the kids who are rescued 
3. Design a strategy: utilizing CIA, Navy Seals, Special Agents, etc. 
4. Take action: going undercover as clients and buyers to rescue the children
5. Recover the children: some are able to be returned to their families, and others go to well-vetted facilities with an array of resources to help them recover 
6. Arrest, try, and convict the perpetrators: hope to break the cycle of sex trafficked individuals becoming the perpetrators 

Since the creation of O.U.R. in December of 2013, the organization has rescued 591 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 250 traffickers around the world. 


Our goal is to raise $50,000 total for the Organization because that is the average cost of a single operation. We are launching this online campaign as a friendly competition between our social media friends and those attending the O.U.R. fundraiser on January 25th, 2017. 

It is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help! O.U.R.'s promise to the children is "Your long night is coming to an end. Hold on. We are on our way."  

For those of you who have read this far, we plead with you: donate to our cause. We can't do this without you! Every bit counts! 

-All donations are tax-deductible-

We thank you for your time and compassion!

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