Run to Break the Chain- Boise

5k and Fun Run



We are OUR Boise and we are anxious to enlighten and empower our community to fight the reality of human trafficking worldwide, including trafficking within our own valley. As a growing non-profit in the greater Boise area, as parents, and as caring citizens, we are organizing a charity 5K/Family Fun Run on April 29, 2017. We have partnered with Operation Underground Railroad ( in order to do so. OUR Boise has also brought local charities together, such as Inside Out and Community Outreach Counseling, to help rehabilitate local victims. We want to make Boise a happier and safer community for our children. We believe with this campaign we will make greater progress towards that goal.                                                

100% of  proceeds will benefit Operation Underground Railroad's rescue missions and the rehabilitation of sexually trafficked victims. As a nonprofit we cannot do this without the support from donations from local sponsors. This campaign is important because our community needs to be aware of the reality of human trafficking worldwide, nationwide and even within our own city. Child sex trafficking is obviously an unhappy topic, and not a topic many want to discuss. This fuels the fire for trafficking to thrive. However, the more people know how to recognize signs of trafficking and the more they know how to educate their own children what it looks like, the more upcoming generations can be freed from its shackles! Knowledge empowers. Knowledge helps chase away darkness. If we do not start to educate communities about the fastest growing crime worldwide, it will only continue to grow. This is of monumental importance. It is time to face the ugly reality that is child sex trafficking and brighten the course of children's futures worldwide, starting right here.




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