2018 Race To Stop Traffick D.C.



  In 2018, 40 million people are still enslaved. 
    2 million of those are child sex slaves. 
    300,000 of those victims are in the United States.

What are we going to do about this?

Operation Underground Railroad exists to put an end to child sex trafficking. You can be a part of that mission by participating in the 2018 Race to Stop Traffick DC.

We run to End Slavery. 
Please take a moment and donate - our $15,000 goal for 2018 was born out of our heart for wanting to see this epidemic eradicated - and wanting to do our part. 100% of your donations will go to Operation Underground Railroad.

Thank you for your time and donation!

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Vivian Schramm

Amount: $ 35.00

Virtual Race Shirt size L 350 West 2000 South Perry, UT 84302 Thanks Ladies!

Running Away Enterprises, LLC

Amount: $ 1032.50

Running Away Enterprises LLC

Amount: $ 1005.00

Gerard Laffey

Amount: $ 25.00

Please keep donation private. Attn. Kayla Hadley 5K.


Amount: $ 10.00

Barbara Ritter

Amount: $ hidden by contributor


Amount: $ 50.00

Can't imagine a better cause.

William Senich

Amount: $ 50.00

Robin Bush

Amount: $ 25.00

Running Away Enterprises LLC

Amount: $ 780.00

Running Away Enterprises LLC

Amount: $ 240.00

Running Away Enterprises LLC

Amount: $ 460.00

Penny & Matt Clark

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Nancy Lear

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Morgan Linski

Amount: $ 50.00

Great cause, Kayla! Thanks for doing this.

Stacia Liechty

Amount: $ 416.16

these funds were raised at a bake sale in Bountiful UT. So many great people came together and donated their time, their baking skills, and their money to make this such a success!

LaNita Littleton

Amount: $ 20.00


Amount: $ 10.00

Linda B. Shidler

Amount: $ 100.00

Please excuse my delay in sending the payment as my old card was hacked. Thanks Linda

Linda B. Shidler

Amount: $ 100.00

My debit card was fraulantly used last month. I will resend the donation for it. I sent you a check for this month yesterday. I hope this is something you will understand. Linda

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