Play with Impact

Our goal is to create community by connecting individuals who want their play to impact the world.



Jane and I have always had things that we wanted our family to do for fun and we have always had causes that we believed in but we have never made the time to actually participate in any of them because we thought that we needed to focus on stabilizing our business and caring for our growing family.  We finally decided that, if we didn't make the time to do these things, we would always be stuck in that "survival mode" mindset and never feel that we were stable enough to put any of these things into action.  

We started a group called "Play With Impact".  It is designed to combine the things we would like our family to do for fun with the causes that we believe in while facilitating the development of community.  We are hoping to connect with like-minded individuals who would like to participate in fun monthly activities where the money spent goes to support O.U.R.  If you are in the Anchorage area, please consider joining us.  You can reach us at 907-230-3525 or like our FB page, "Play with Impact".

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