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My husband and I have three beautiful children. Every day I am reminded of their trust in me. Every day I am reminded of their heavenly qualities and absolute preciousness to me. My sister first told me about OUR and I remember this feeling of helplessness come over me. I was shocked and literally felt sick to my stomach. The more I learned about OUR the more I knew I had to help. So many times you hear about travesty and injustice on the news and social media. So many times we turn away and try to justify that we cannot help. I mean how can one person make a difference? How can one person change the way things are? But these crimes that are being committed against children, I cannot ignore! This is a fight I have to join! My plea is that you will donate an amount that makes you feel a little uncomfortable simply because your donation will help! Our business is Paragon Pearl and our company will donate 15% of every sale to this campaign. If you do not want to purchase our products but would like to help OUR rescue these poor children through our campaign please do!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 by 12/31/2017. If you would like to help with our efforts or have a business and are interested in joining the fight please reach out to Vance at 801-889-7777 or email

The reality is that donations do save children! There are those willing to risk everything to return children to a safe environment but need the funding to continue and enlarge the effort. The alternative to trying my best to help is something I cannot live with. 

Thank you for your support in this great cause! 

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