''One Man's Dream'' Helping rescue children world wide, one kind gesture at a time.



Your Hello my name is Faud S. Engineer and I am the author of "One Man's Dream". I've always wanted to do something that would make a positive change in the lives of kids in need. I set about writing "One Man's Dream" with the sole intent of donating 75% of all royalties I had to organizations that help children worldwide. Buying this book is a way of doing your part to help me help kids rescued by O.U.R. I did the hard part and wrote the book and now I ask that you consider helping us make a positive change. Accordingly, I have decided to donate 100% of all royalties from ''One Man's dream'' to Operation Underground Railroad instead; in support of their amazing work.

I worked as an automotive detailer during the writing of this book, to show that anyone can make a substantial change for the better, regardless of their backgrounds. "One Man's Dream" will take you across the globe and in doing so introduce you to a world of possibilities. When you buy a copy you will, in fact, be writing yourself into the book it'self in a way. You have to read the book to understand the full meaning of that promise, however. This book is simply a joint marketing venture between you and I that will produce amazing results if we all take a moment to do our part. Operation Underground Railroad and Tony Robbins are doing amazing things and we can all step up to the plate and help in our own way. Please join me in making a real positive difference in the lives of children all over the world.
I thank you all for your support and wish you the very best in all the positive ventures you strive to complete.
Warmest wishes always. God bless.

Faud S. Engineer.

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