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To raise funds to save children across this world from the sex slave trade.



Your Story

My name is Trevor Adams, a Criminal Justice student at Liberty University. This campaign that I have started is to not only raise awareness but to also raise money for Operation Underground Railroad. A huge passion of mine is Human Trafficking, in particular, the use of children as sex slaves. The focus of this campaign is from the people of the San Francisco Bay Area to stand together regardless of religious beliefs but as human beings to say, "no,  we will not have this problem anymore, we will stand together until the last child is saved."                                                

The Impact

Children around the world, even here in our backyard are being exploited and used for the gain of sexual pleasure of men and women around the world. These children no longer have their innocence. These children are praying that they will be saved and that's where O.U.R. comes in. Even a small donation of $5 can go a long way. These donations, go directly to the operations that Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) do.


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