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I have the opportunity to complete a service project for which I needed to identify a hero, and then initiate a project in recognition of that hero. I chose to recognize the Jump Team Members of O.U.R. by raising funds to help their work (all proceeds will go to funding the rescue operations and rehabilitation of these children). You can also help spread awareness of human trafficking, and what O.U.R. is doing to help, by sharing this page with others. 

I hope you take time to read some of O.U.R. Stories about the brave teams and the children rescued from human trafficking (https://ourrescue.org/stories). “Jump Teams” are made up of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops that lead coordinated identification and rescue operations. These teams can spend months preparing for an undercover operation and risk their lives to save children globally. The organization also provides aftercare support for victims as well as justice for the perpetrators.

 I consider O.U.R. heroes because they do these operations in a noble way, sacrificing recognition as heroes by the very children they save, because they are undercover and anonymous. Please consider supporting them financially, in prayer, and by sharing this campaign.

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Amount: $ 25.00

Steve Gillen

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Gabriel, Congratulations upon your graduation from the FBI's NAA Youth Leadership Program. I had the distinct honor and privilege of working for and with your grandfather for many years. Sergeant Stachelek has been an outstanding role model, mentor and friend. I too was fortunate to have attended the FBI's National Academy. It is likely to be the highlight of my career. I am pleased to support your efforts on behalf of those who would be otherwise be unable to help themselves. It is a noble

Claudia & Bill Krzemien

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Bill & John Taylor

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John Heinrich

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Congratulations Gabriel for supporting a worthwhile cause.

Walter & Constance Stachelek

Amount: $ 200.00

We are proud to support our Grandson Gabriel as he endeavors to aid this worthy organization. Go Brio!

David Michie

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Glad to help Gabe.


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What a very worthy cause. These people are truly heroes. Doing for the least of these.


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Ann willhite

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