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Purchase donated gifts at our event and 100% will go to Operation Underground Railroad



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I am a busy working mother, with not a lot of cash to spare around the holidays.  I always feel torn between deciding to help those in need, or doing gifts for my own little family.  So I thought "Why not have a charity that does both? Buy gifts for my family and at the same time donate money to Operation Underground Railroad."  That is how we came up with the idea of O.U.R. Gift of Freedom.  With the help of generous businesses all over the country we have gathered donated gifts for all ages, from kids toys to fine dining gift cards and Theater Tickets.  The best part is 100% of ALL PURCHASES will go to Operation Underground Railroad.  Even our food vendors like Cubby's Food Truck and Rockwell Ice Cream will be donating 100%.  Our Event will be in the Provo Startup Building November 14th from 4:00-10:00 pm.  Please come and shop our amazing gifts and gift baskets.  Every cent you spend goes to O.U.R.  There will also be live entertainment and delicious food available for purchase.  So to recap here are the top 5 reasons why you should be at this event:

1. 100% of all the proceeds from purchases will go to Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from the worst kinds of slavery

2. Rockwell Ice Cream and Cubbys food truck will be there donating 100% too so come HUNGRY!

3. Amazing gifts, toys, and gift cards all sold for a discount (remember all proceeds donated!)

4. FREE gift wrapping! (O.U.R. Themed!)

5. Free cookie with each $5+ purchase 

There will also be very talented performers during the event for your entertainment as you shop donations from:  Tucanos, Kate Spade, Outback, The Cheesecake Lady,PF Changs, The Crepery, Chick Fil A, Steve Madden, Mormon mom Planners, Disney toys, Lagoon, Hale Center Theater, Scera theater, Loveland Aquarium, Sundance Ski resort, Brick Oven, Smiths Grocery, Green Toys, Temple Art, Sizzler, Sweet Soap Shop, Lime Ricci, Anniversary Inn, Loud Cufflinks, live Spray painting AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Want to donate to our event (tax write off and lots of marketing) please contact me. Or if you want to join our planning team and help us rescue children from trafficking please let me know! britneyourescue@gmail.com


The Impact

This campaign is important because child sex trafficking is on the rise.  It is painful and disturbing to think about, but The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke). I refuse to sit back and do nothing.  I plan to do everything I can to help rescue enslaved children, and I created this event so others can learn about O.U.R. and learn that they too can make a difference, even it is just by buying a child's toy at our event, every little bit counts and brings us closer to each rescue operation.  

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This is the BEST CAUSE YET!!! It doesn't get more important than this.

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