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After hearing Tim Ballard speak at the doTERRA convention this past September I was changed forever.  My husband Mike and I could not sit by and do nothing while these evil practices are going on in our own country and the world today.  I am seeking the support to raise $15K for Operation Underground Railroad Rescue. Every child has the right to live free; to have a beautiful life full of love, joy and safety.  

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Your donation will help the men and women that fight this evil everyday.  What is truly amazing to me is the strength of the people dedicated to this work.  Not only do they risk their lives, they must endure being in evils presence, to smile and joke with these horrible human beings in order to set up sting operations that capture these predators and save the children.  Please donate now. 

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Jen & James

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Go go go Amanda!!

Sean & Karine

Amount: $ 100.00


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Brenda Prohaska

Amount: $ 20.00

Lisa Ayala

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Natasha Rodgers

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Thank you sooo much for caring for others

NYE Event at Dudleys

Amount: $ 1157.00

Thank you for all the support on NYE

Stephen & Marlene Werner

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You are doing a beautiful thing Amanda and Mike!! We love you!!


Amount: $ 200.00

Thank You for Collecting!!!

Monica Daley

Amount: $ 50.00

I'm not going to make it to the festivities at Dudley's, but I wanted to help support the cause. Hope you make your goal! Good luck and prayers for the children. Mon. <3

Robert Usher & Lauren Kuester

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Theresa Saive

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Thank you for raising awareness.

Anthonio Orridge

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Crissaris Sarnelli

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Arlene Ward

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Diane Gjelaj

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Amanda Libretto

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Zia Nix

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Thank you for being the difference Amanda!!!

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