My War on Child Abusers

Directly funding operations to rescue child sex slaves and arrest their abusers



What I'm Doing

My name is Kyle, and I need your help.  As a loving husband and a proud father of two boys, there is literally nothing I would not do to protect my family.  It's as simple as that.  

However, for far too many children in the world - the exact opposite is true.  Over 2 Million children are currently trafficked in prostitution.  The U.S. alone estimates over 300,000 children inside its borders are victims of sex slavery.  Aging anywhere from 1-18 years old, the average victim is a 14 year old girl with a life expectancy of seven years - typically cut short by murder, STD's, drug overdose, or suicide.  

My goal is do something about this, right now.

That's why I started this campaign.  I am raising money to fund an undercover sting on a child sex slavery ring.  Utilizing former U.S. special operations members posing as sex tourists, the team will enter the country, work hand-in-hand with the local government to develop a game plan, and make initial contact with the traffickers.  A "party" will be set-up and the victims will be brought in for a night with the team.  However, once the money has been exchanged and the signal is given, the entire venue will be raided by the local police. 

The organization I am raising this money for is called Operation Underground Railroad.  They not only rescue the children, pay for their medical recovery, and place them in good homes - they follow the prosecution and trial of the criminals to ensure these people never harm a child again.

The effect is multi-layered.  Not only are children saved and traffickers locked away, but word spreads fast in this underground world.  The traffickers know that the risk is higher every day in continuing to harm children due to these operations.  Additionally, the likelihood of international sex tourists to travel abroad to meet children is lessened as these stings become more commonplace.

The Impact

Many times I wonder if I've ever really made a difference.  An actual, honest-to-goodness difference in this world.  Sure, being the best husband and father I can be is easily rattled off as a priority.  But is there something else? Can I wrap my mind around the cold reality that the world's most innocent victims are routinely subjected to the most evil acts imaginable? Even if I could do something to help, would it make a difference...and to who?

The fact is, you can. We can. And through Operation Underground Railroad, we get updated on the success of our efforts.  Locations of operations, number of children rescued, and number of traffickers put in prison are constantly being posted.

Let's do this. Let's make a difference. Please donate today to support the operation.

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Rod and Brooke Andersen

Amount: $ 100.00

We will be putting together our own campaign in the coming month, but wanted to start by supporting someone else's! Thank you for making a difference!

Sarah Butler

Amount: $ 40.00

Xuan Nguyen

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Thanks for fighting to this important cause


Amount: $ 5.00

Thanks for being a champion for this cause!!

Albert Candari

Amount: $ 1.00


Amount: $ 25.00

Tanya Patrick

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Chanel Hepworth

Amount: $ 100.00

This rescue operation is very meaningful and heartfelt. I am very proud of my son, Kyle Hepworth for being involved and supporting this operation, the love and care he has for children and family values is priceless.

Mari Fontanez

Amount: $ 25.00


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Chris M.

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