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The Las Vegas Area Community Team is a group of  local Volunteer Abolitionists finding ways to rescue children who have been kidnapped and sexually abused for profit. Our efforts are focused locally to make our community a safer place! We need your help! Join our team and let's raise this $50,000 together so that we can capture those who buy and sell children for sex. This problem is not going away easily but neither are we.  

The Impact

Child sex trafficking and human trafficking are the world's fastest growing criminal enterprises. These criminals take advantage of and exploit those most vulnerable in our society. Child sex traffickers make billions of dollars feeding the perversions of people you and I live among. This has turned into a wildfire of destruction that threatens to consume us all.With the U.S.A being the largest consumer of the child sexual exploitation industry and with Las Vegas being "Sin City," we can and must be part of the solution! 

Operation Underground Railroad has a proven model that has rescued and provided aftercare for 608 victims and counting in the last 3 years and has arrested 275 traffickers. These numbers are a long way from the estimated 2 million children who are trapped in this modern form of slavery and that is why we need your help! So sound the alarm, all hands on deck, make a donation and join us at our next event! 


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Abolitionists Screening

Amount: $ 333.00

Brianna Ranger

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Billie Crane

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Prayers are being sent for such a well needed campaign. I had almost lost my granddaughter at the age of 15 to trafficking because of many prayers said and the help from others, we were able to find her before it was too late. So thank you for having such an amazing organization. Prayers said for God's Guardian Angels to protect our Children...

Ben Ward

Amount: $ 10.00

Hope this helps greatly for your cause. May this cause be blessed.

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