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I’m Kevin Bauer, President of BCJ Financial Group. Throughout my life I’ve been given countless opportunities to succeed, to learn, and to live. These are opportunities that I believe all people should receive throughout their own lives; and unfortunately for many, that’s not the case. Thousands of people each year are kidnapped and sold into sex trafficking—nearly 244,000 American children each year and substantially more worldwide. These innocent victims are treated like objects of trade rather than the humans they are.

Operation Underground Railroad was established to fight the problem. Each year money raised for the operation is used to infiltrate the sex trade organizations. I have been involved from the beginning with this wonderful organization to rescue the victims, and saw firsthand the turmoil these people are living in. Operation Underground Railroad is committed to saving as many people as possible and ensuring that the victims have a life after, by training law enforcement, working collectively with the government, providing schools and libraries for those affected, and punishing those responsible for these horrific acts.

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Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is important because it rescues thousands of helpless victims from a situation that no person should have to live through. As a father and a member of the community, I feel a responsibility to give a helping hand to an organization that is successfully shining a light in the dark.  Supporting O.U.R., means supporting the rescue of sex trafficking victims both locally and worldwide. This isn’t a phenomenon—it’s happening on our doorstep. We have already saved thousands, but we need to continue to fight for these people because there are much more out there that need our rescuing.

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