Honoring our WWII vet ancestor's dedication to freedom and liberating the captive.

Our family continuing a freedom legacy of WWII veteran Bob Jarman



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Our family is having a reunion on March 24th 2018 and we wanted to honor our common ancestors, Bob and Louise Jarman, who have passed on.  Bob fought in WWII in the 605th tank destroying battalion.  He fought for freedom and liberated the captive. While Bob was in Europe, Louise did what she could to help with the war effort here in America.  Bob returned home and married his sweetheart.  They loved America, the red/white/and blue flag, and being patriotic.  This is an opportunity for our family to continue the legacy of fighting for somebody else's freedom and liberating the captive like our ancestors did in WWII.

The Impact

We wanted all funds our family collected to be donated in behalf of Bob and Louise Jarman.  They were my grandparents and left a deep love of America in our family.  We choose to remember their sacrifices, we choose to acknowledge there is a current crisis of children being used as sex slaves and we choose to do something about it as a family.  We will choose to help those most vulnerable to be liberated and be free.  They chose to do something, so will we.

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