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Fundraising to raise awareness of and support the mission of Operation Underground Railroad.



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My name is Jake Gerber and I am a simple 22 year old kid trying to raise awareness of the outstanding work Operation Underground Railroad does around the world. Child sex trafficking is the number one growing criminal enterprise in the world. Every child should know what it means to have a great childhood. However, because of wicked people around the world, innocent children are being sold and forced into unimaginable situations. It is my dream that we can work together to end this evil. Please join our fight by participating in fundraisers and events. Anyone can make a difference. 

The Impact

Without the financial means, these rescue missions would not be possible. We are not all able to join the "jump team" and physically go undercover to rescue these children. Help raise awareness, participate in our events and fundraisers, donate! Become an "abolitionist"!  It doesn't take much. $5 a month can make a huge difference. How much does it take to rescue a child?  Each situation is different depending on travel, research, sting set-up, working with governments, aftercare, etc. But on average, one operation costs about $50,000 and each operation can save anywhere from 1 to 50 children. The freedom of these children are in our hands. Rise up and do something. Together, we can end this...Child sex slavery must be put to an end.  Join the fight.       

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Anne Gerber

Amount: $ 100.00

Christian Sexton

Amount: $ 100.00

For the kids! Keep pushing on this campaign man.

Jake Gerber

Amount: $ 100.00

I want to show how much this campaign means to me by making the first contribution.

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