Help end child sex trafficking




My name is Peyton, I am currently a junior in the criminal justice program. I have a passion to help others, and to obtain justice. Ohio is currently fourth in the nation for sex trafficking. WE as a state need to step up to protect our people and our children. Sex trafficking is REAL and it is happening all around us. We were not put on this earth to sit back and watch innocent adults and children, be taken and to be mistreated. WE as a whole need to do better, to protect our innocent from the evil in this world.

The Impact

This campaign is SO important because it gives us the opportunity to make a difference.  By stepping up and taking a leap into the action we can make such a huge impact. If we choose to continue to set back and allow corrupted people to get away with things, our world will never change. By joining the campaign we can spread awareness together and even save a life!

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