Glenn Beck Collage Auction

In honor of Glenn's support for O.U.R. Rescue, this is a copy of a hand drawn collage of his career.



Special introductory offer - Regular price is $200, however, you can save 50% if you purchase the collage by August 20, 2017! 
Please join me in achieving this goal!

Hey there, my name is Jane E. Jenkins. 

I am passionate about helping children by strengthening the family! Shortly after graduating with my Masters in Counseling, I was asked to teach parenting classes to parents of children on probation. I love teaching so I was very excited to accept the invitation. I had such encouraging reviews about the classes that I felt the need to expand the material to write a parenting book. 
I mention writing the book because of something that happened while I was writing it. Any time Tim Ballard was on Glenn Beck's show, I had to stop writing because I couldn't see, due to the tears! One day when Tim was on the show talking about the horrific problem of sex trafficking, Glenn asked Tim “What in the world causes men to sexually abuse children?” I immediately shouted out "Pornography!" That just happened to be what I had been writing about in my book at that exact moment. Tim then explained to Glenn how sex trafficking very often begins with the viewing of pornography. It is like a drug where a person needs more and more perverse images and behaviors. At is when simple porn no longer thrills, therefore, viewing eventually turns into acting out and unfortunately children, too often, end up being the victims.  

My heart has always been connected to children and it is so heartbreaking for me to hear his stories of these poor children. I wanted to help so badly. This all happened several years ago. 

That is how this campaign came to be - About six months ago, I was continually keeping those poor children and praying to know how I could help to raise money for this worthy effort! One particular day, as I was again tearfully watching as Tim was on Glenn's show, out of the blue, the idea popped into my head to draw a collage of Glenn's career. I truly believed this was an answer to my constant prayers. I immediately began working on a collage and this drawing is the result. You have an opportunity to buy a very unique gift for that special Glenn Beck fan with the blessing of helping to provide funds to help these children at the same time! 
The Impact First, this campaign is important to earn money to make it possible to help rescue more children who are slaves of sex trafficking. Special introductory offer - Regular price is $200, however, you can save 50%
if you purchase the collage by August 20, 2017! Please join me in achieving this goal!

Second, my prayer is that the story I told will bring awareness to the definite
connection of viewing pornography and the eventual possibility of sexually abusing children.  I cannot warn parents enough to be aware of your children's
computer/phone viewing habits. Remember, once an image is in their (and our) brain, it does not go away! Blocks are available and I hope you are using them! Remember though that other parents may not require that safety net. 
You may not be aware of how pornography affects the brain, creating the need for more provocative viewing and sadly, behavior, just like other drugs! Please learn! This horrific addiction will likely alter the course of your life and your children's lives! As Tim said, a little is not enough, it demands more! Pornography takes people of all walks of life down roads they would never have thought they could or would go down. Parents, you teach your children about drugs, hopefully you see the urgent need to also teach them about the harmful effects of pornography! When you have this conversation with them, THEY need to understand the consequences of this kind of behavior and then THEY can make good choices, especially when you are not around. You know your children and when they are ready for that discussion. Unfortunately,
this harmful addiction has very likely escalated the need to have this conversation with them, possibly earlier than you had hoped.  Please tell others about this campaign and help get this message out so parents can
protect their children from the horrific effects of pornography and sexual abuse. If this message concerning pornography does not get out, our children are more at risk, especially concerning protecting themselves.
It’s a tricky situation because it is difficult to teach them about the harmful effects of pornography without piquing their curiosity! I write about this at Shaping the Child Parenting Because Parenting is NOT for Wimps website. It is a very informative website with vital parenting information. It can benefit your family in so many ways. On the website, there is an excellent video of children teaching other children how to avoid pornography. It covers how to deal with situations they may accidentally find themselves in. It is a great educational video for your children to watch! 

To get to the information on this subject, just click on the link below - info-for- parents.html
then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to the link for the video. In this difficult and often very scary world we live in, it is my goal to help parents understand the need to be strong NOT wimpy parents. It requires strong parents these days in order to help our children maneuver safely around the minefields we have in life and pornography is one of those possible and even likely explosions!  When you purchase this drawing, it can be a reminder of those abused children and to keep them in our prayers. I hope you will enjoy viewing the many years that Glenn Beck has helped us learn of these important causes and for bringing so much laughter and enjoyment into our homes at the same time! 

I am donating 50% of the sale of each collage sold to
Thanks you so much for contributing to this campaign. I hope you enjoy Glenn's collage!   

Very sincerely,     
Jane E. Jenkins    -

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