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We originally set out to raise $2,500 for Operation Underground Railroad. We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received and have since decided to raise the goal to $20,000 (which in many cases can fund a complete rescue operation). We are confident that we can reach and even exceed this goal with the help of generous people like you. Together, we can help eradicate child trafficking. 

For more info contact us at

"Hike to Help" : Group hikes throughout the U.S. -  this year we have partnered up with amazing people to hike Mt. Baldy in California, Saddle Mountain in Oregon, Stewart Falls in Utah, and McAfee Knob in Virginia. Our groups vary in size (4 - 50 hikers) for families, teams, and solo hikers. Together, our goal is to fund an entire O.U.R. rescue mission ($20,000).

Small to large group hiking events are announced through our Instagram & Facebook accounts. 

3 ways to help.....  

1. Contact to reserve a spot for one of our future hikes for you and your family/friends :) ***you can also host your own group hike in your local area ***

2. Donate through our campaign  to help us raise money for an O.U.R. mission!

3. Please share on social media and spread the word! Together we can drive more awareness for O.U.R. :)

"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."   - Nelson Mandela

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Give Into Nature

Amount: $ 250.00

New Fam in Colorado! - Thanks to Pete and Hannah for the donation and for sharing their time to hit the trail with us :)

Give Into Nature

Amount: $ 201.80

Donations From Team Utah and Instagram Friends :)

Ridgecrest Herbals

Amount: $ 100.00

Ridgecrest Herbals

Amount: $ 180.00

The Ridgecrest Herbals team in Salt Lake City, Utah set up a #hiketohelp event! Their team hiked the beautiful Stewart Falls trail in the Mt. Timpanogos area and helped bring more awareness to Operation Underground Railroad's mission.

Give Into Nature

Amount: $ 1657.60

Hike to HELP - donations from our last two group hikes: Joshua Tree, CA and Mt. Tallac, CA.

Geoff Espino

Amount: $ 30.00

Give into Nature

Amount: $ 173.72

Give Into Nature

Amount: $ 1269.05

Hike to HELP - Donations came from Mt. Baldy hike fundraiser + donations from friends, family, and our Instagram fam :)

Give Into Nature

Amount: $ 100.00

Donation came from members and staff from Hangar 18 Riverside, CA. Thanks to all who participated and donated to our campaign. Stay tuned for our next "Climb to Help" event at Hangar 18.


Amount: $ 1.25


Amount: $ 1.00


Amount: $ 5.00


Amount: $ 1.12

Albert Candari

Amount: $ 1.00

Give into Nature and Team Utah

Amount: $ 4685.25

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