Freedom Fruit Citrus Campaign January 2018

Fundraiser to benefit the rescue efforts of Operation Underground Railroad



Your Story is run by Milan and Brianna Weedman. We deliver delicious, tree-ripened fruit to our friends and neighbours in Henderson, Las Vegas and Boulder city Nevada.

The Impact

This campaign is important because it will get you high-quality fruit for an even higher cause. The money sent to this campaign will be used to fund rescue missions to recover some of the 2 million children who have been kidnapped or coerced into child sex trafficking. If we fail you will never know how truly delicious this fruit is and many children will never know what is means to be free. #freedomfruit

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Backers (15)

Milan & Brianna Weedman

Amount: $ 100.00

Humphries family

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Stephen West

Amount: $ 8.00

Michele S

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Penny Andrews

Amount: $ 10.00

Sharon Macke

Amount: $ 8.00

Sherry Allison

Amount: $ 8.00


Amount: $ 10.00

Bobbie Mathews

Amount: $ 8.00

Anna Arnold

Amount: $ 16.00

Felicia Saunders

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Wayne Kessler

Amount: $ 8.00

Farm Fresh

Brian Buckles

Amount: $ 20.00

Heidi Cecil

Amount: $ 12.00

Karen Lindquist

Amount: $ 8.00

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