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We are a team of Wellness Advocates committed to helping OUR put a stop to trafficking of precious l



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We are a team of doTerra Wellness Advocates. We were first introduced to this amazing organization during the 2016 doTerra national convention. The impact that O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) is having on the lives of so many children is growing more and more each year. Our hearts, like so many of you, are hoping to make our world a better place. Knowing where, how, and which organizations to support can feel overwhelming. This particular organization IS truly making an impact in ways that you and I would only hope to succeed in. We can all get behind a group who is stopping the destruction of children's lives. Please support our campaign and help us to be part of the bigger picture. You CAN make a difference....we ALL can, especially when we work together.

We will run this campaign throughout the year and our goal is to generously give $5000 to O.U.R. at the end of 2018. Feel free to give once, twice, even monthly as your heart is led. Please share our campaign with others in your circle of influence as you feel is appropriate. Again, let's work together to make a difference.

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