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I am trying to raise donations for OUR Rescue efforts in ending child sex trafficking.



Your Story

Hi there! My name is Courtney Drescher and I am a full time student studying Early Childhood Education. I work each and everyday to make a difference in a child's life, but I could never surmount to the impact this organization is making in the lives of children all of the world. I truly know how detrimental early trauma can be to the success of children's lives. 

The Impact

Why is my campaign important? Children all over the world are experiencing traumatic situations that have left the completely helpless. They need our help! This team works every day to get into the process first hand and save these children who desperately need them!

How might it affect others? Child sex trafficking happens everywhere. Even, near you! It affects everyone, someone we know, someone we've seen on the street, and much more...

What if your campaign doesn't happen, what are the consequences? By contributing to this campaign you are prolonging the time this team can work to free children of sex traffickers. If I were to ignore this issue the cause would not be brought to light, like it should be. 

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