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My Story

Warriors helping warriors who hunt monsters.

The Impact

The men of O.U.R. Rescue are true warrior angels, heading into the deepest darkest most sinful places where many of us aren't even capable of imagining, and bringing a powerful light rescuing innocents from those despicable predators.  

This morning, as I lay in bed, I held my three little children.  I could barely see with all their bodies piled on top of me listening to their even breaths as we watched a show in bed.  They felt no hunger or fear.  They didn't worry about who would come through that door.  There were no monsters coming for them.  That is how every child should feel.  

Instead of the children, it is the monsters who should feel fear.  The warriors of Operation Underground Railroad are the ones to do it, and I am proud to be a small part of that.  

Will you join me?

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Great project. Carry on soldier. I'm a Navy vet from the 70s and I admire what you're doing


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Louis Fernandez

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Louis Fernandez

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Thanks to everyone, here's how we did in September!


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I hope this goes viral. My hometown of Sacramento has this problem severely. It's really sad.

Louis Fernandez

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