BRC Competitor Fundraiser

2018 BRC Competitor Deaven Miller seeking to raise awareness for O.U.R.



Best Ranger Competition (BRC) in Fort Benning GA, pits some of the greatest Military Athletes against each other in a 62 hour, endurance competition. Please enjoy the above video about the competition.

2018 BRC Competitors CPT Mark Gaudet and 1LT Deaven Miller and fellow officer Anthony Morris are looking for friends and family to show their support for the competition by supporting Operation Undergound Railroad. The goal is to raise $2,000 for O.U.R. by April 15, the final day of the 2018 BRC Competition. With your help, it is a goal easily attainable. You can donate directly and safely to O.U.R. by following the link below. We truly believe in the work of O.U.R and hope you will join in the fight to end human trafficking. Thank You and God bless!

Video shared from the First Infantry Division Facebook page.

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Amount: $ 100.00

Venicia Maass

Amount: $ 50.00

Deaven, I think of you and pray for you often. I’m so incredibly thankful for the impact you are having. My husband and I would like to donate to show our support for you. Thank you!

Dallas Miller

Amount: $ 100.00

Dawn Miller

Amount: $ 100.00


Amount: $ 215.00


Amount: $ 50.00

Amazing cause.

Jason Scaglione

Amount: $ 50.00

Mary Kilner

Amount: $ 20.00

Michael & Angie Kilner

Amount: $ 20.00

Good luck!

Timothy Nelson

Amount: $ 25.00

Fight on to the ranger objective and win!

Jacob McClain

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Good luck to the both of you, CPT Gaudet and LT Miller! It was an honor serving with you guys.

Elizabeth Yardley

Amount: $ 15.00

Children + trafficking?! Uh yes. I'll donate to that, any day. Good luck and God speed at the competition! Y'all will rock it!

Laurel Neis

Amount: $ 50.00


Amount: $ 5.00


Amount: $ 200.00

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