An Evening For Freedom



Why This Is Important To Me

As a female growing up in Portland I've always been aware of trafficking and have been personally approached, but I had no idea the scope of the problem not only here, but really world wide. Through my work with doTerra, I became aware of O.U.R. and just how large this issue is and how close it hits to home. My husband and I owned a taproom just a block off the I-5, and started to notice just how much trafficking goes through the area that people are not aware of. Now every time I see a young girl missing on the news, I know the likelihood of her being trafficked. These things do happen in far off countries, but they also happen in our backyard. Looking at the statistics on this website is staggering and appalling. A $150 BILLION dollar industry, 27 million people in slavery worldwide, 10 million of those are in sex slavery, 2 million of those are children. And Americans are the largest consumers. But we CAN do something about it, I'm determined to help in some way, and I hope you'll join me in doing what we can to end human trafficking. 

The Impact

In the past four years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 1,588 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 745 traffickers around the world.  O.U.R. has received requests to come help fight this unimaginable problem here in Oregon, but as their demand grows, so does their need. It takes thousands of dollars to pull off each operation and ensure rescued victims get the aftercare they so desperately need. 

Saturday, January 19th at 6pm we are hosting An Evening For Freedom. For your $100 donation, you'll receive an invitation to join us as we raise funds for these future rescue operations. We will start the evening with  insight from a local speaker, followed by entertainment by local musicians Stereo RV, food from local chefs, and beer, wine and cider.

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