Ammon's Eagle Project

Constructing care packages and spreading awareness



My Story

        When I became a Life Scout, I knew I had to do a service project to advance to the highest rank of an Eagle Scout. The opportunities were endless. The ones my leaders referred me to were simple ones, like removing an unwanted fence from the woods, but I wanted to make a difference in the world that would matter. As fate would have it, it was just around this time that my parents heard about Operation Underground Railroad. It was around this time that they told me about it, and how there are millions of children around the world in sex slavery and tens of millions more working as forced laborers. With the firm resolve to save at least one child, I decided to make this my Eagle Scout Project.

 The Impact

          With your donation of even a simple five dollars a month, you, united with other Good Samaritans like you, could become the savior one or many children, drawn from a life of darkness and brought into the light of a better life. Imagine the light of love sparked in a person’s eyes as they are rescued from the wickedness that binds them. They may not see you, or even know your name, but will know you as their redeemer. They will say thank you, not in person, but in their prayers. YOU ARE THEIR ABOLITIONIST!

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Amount: $ 20.00


Amount: $ 20.00

Jennie Orison

Amount: $ 100.00

I love your project and all the good you are doing.

Clarisa and Jason Smith

Amount: $ 100.00

Great work Ammon

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