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My last trip to Thailand provided many experiences I will never regret. I loved the food, history, architecture, and muay thai training I received. I have nothing against the people, they were extremely polite and generous towards me. That said, I had a couple experiences that deeply scarred me-later I learned the evil that is child sex trafficking. On my first day, a taxi driver dropped me off at a temple and when he learned I no plans for the night, he offered to arrange for a woman for the night. When I turned him down, I guess he figured I swung the other direction so he offered a guy-I rejected this offer as well. He then lowered his voice and offered to arrange a boy or girl, whichever I preferred. Sick to my stomach and ready to explode, I quietly dropped the money I owed for the taxi trip and walked away. This wasn’t my first run in with prostitution there, it was everywhere-walk past a club and you couldn’t help but notice ladies (some looked way too young) flashing their bodies in the open offering “comfort for the night”. Many were visibly drugged, I highly doubt they were all there voluntarily.

The sad reality is, child sex trafficking isn’t limited to third world countries-it exists here in the States as well. These kids will never be the same if they are able to escape, they need help. Even worse, authorities here and abroad often lack the expertise and resources to identify trafficking, make a case, shut it down, and care for the kids once rescued.

Enter Operation Underground Railroad, in areas where the authorities desire assistance this organization provides necessary know-how, logistics, and evidence gathering expertise to give the authorities what they need to proceed with convictions, breaking the trafficking rings in their areas, rescuing the impacted children, and providing after-care.


Combine my experience in Thailand with my knowing personally victims of sexual assault, this is one organization I am happy to dedicate a fund-raiser to. On Dec 27 and 29 I will be running two marathons as part of a Holiday Series in New Mexico. Lets say I am running 50+ miles for a worthy cause but I need your help. 

The Impact

Whether here or abroad, the mission is essentially the same. Your donations go towards funding operations at home and abroad to rescue victims of child sex trafficking and working with authorities to arrest, convict, and break the criminal organies involved. Moreover, they arrange for the clinical aftercare of the children to help them hopefully move on with their lives. Some are eventually reunited with their families, others are eventually adopted into vetted homes. Are you with me in help out??

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