3rd Annual Fudge For Freedom

Donations Accepted For A Plate of Homemade Fudge



3rdAnnual FUDGE FOR FREEDOM Fundraiser! 

No cause fires me up more than the mission of Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from sex trafficking. It's ridiculous that we even need such a cause, don't you think? Maybe it's the mom in me that can't sit back and wait for a, "convenient," time to support this cause. (I'm a mom to 4, ages 7 and younger with twin one year olds). Sure life is crazy right now, but so is the reality that children are being abused! That is why it is time for our 3rd annual FUDGE FOR FREEDOM fundraiser! 

Here's how it works: 

On Saturday December 16th fresh plates of homemade fudge will be made. Reserve your plate today at a cost of a donation (with an amount that you choose). We will have a set location for you to come and pick up your plate of fudge on December 16th between 3pm-5pm. 

For those of you who received a plate of fudge in past years, you know this fudge is the real deal! Our goal is to raise a minimum of $3,000, the average cost to rescue 12 children. 

You in???

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Amount: $ 20.00


Amount: $ 50.00

I'm happy to donate to such a worthy cause. I hope the children rescued are able to live a normal life.


Amount: $ 20.00

Brooke Bailey

Amount: $ 50.00

Thanks for doing this! Such an important cause!

Aliska and nate

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

Becca Bird

Amount: $ 15.00

Fudge for Freedom!!! Britt you are amazing.


Amount: $ 30.00

Tamra Moody

Amount: $ 20.00


Amount: $ 20.00

What a great cause

Amber Murphy

Amount: $ 40.00

Brandon Visser

Amount: $ 100.00


Catherine Jensen

Amount: $ 50.00

Such an incredible force for good!!

Steve & Ashlee Wrigley

Amount: $ 50.00


Steve & Ashlee Wrigley

Amount: $ 1.00

Such a beautiful cause! Thanks for getting this message out, Brit!


Amount: $ 6000.00

Love what you guys are doing! Please send me a receipt to the email included.


Amount: $ 25.00

I love that you do this Brit! You inspire me girl!

Tasha Brown

Amount: $ hidden by contributor

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