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This is the official campaign of the O.U.R. Texas, DFW Volunteer Team.



The O.U.R. Texas, DFW Community Team is an official team of O.U.R. volunteers working to raise funds and awareness in a local setting for Operation Underground Railroad. We are passionate about this cause and determined to do our part in eradicating the evil crime of child trafficking. Please help us!

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lisa todd

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Jennifer Lee

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Jeremy Dominguez

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God bless all of you!

Josie Gamett

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Josie Gamett

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Garage sale money!

Kelsey Andriot

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Heidi McLain

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As a Crisis Intervention Specialist I work with women and teens who are victims of sexual and physical abuse. Their scars last years beyond the traumatic incidents. With over 79,000 minors in Texas who are living this nightmare every day I am glad to do what I can to help. I wish I could do more.

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