Arizona Yuma Volunteer Team

Members of the Yuma, AZ community coming together to fight child sex slavery



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Living in a small border town, we have the obligation to educate ourselves and our community about what is going on around us. Child sex trafficking is the number one growing criminal enterprise in the world. These poor kids are being sold, used and forced to do unimaginable things. It is our hope and prayer that we can come together and make a difference. We are hoping to do all we can to assist those brave men and women who put their lives in danger to go in and rescue these children. We can make a difference and we can do it right here in our hometown of Yuma, AZ. Help us by participating in our events and fundraisers. You alone can make an impact.                                               

The Impact

Without the financial means, these rescue missions would not be possible. We are not all able to join the "jump team" and physically go undercover to rescue these children. I hear the question everyday... "What can I do to help?" You can get involved! Help raise awareness, participate in our events and fundraisers, donate!! The freedom of these children are in our hands. Raise up and do something. Together, we can end this...Child sex slavery must be put to an end.   Join the fight.                                             

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Nancy Alguire

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I am in Yuma from Nov through March and would love to help.

Nate and Nicki Blackhurst

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Abolitionists Screening

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