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I am Ryan Thomas and I work as a Realtor in York County, PA.  I have been married for 11 years and have 4 children.  God has enabled all of us to make an impact in the world around us if we just pay attention.  My wife and I have always felt passionate about human trafficking, but we never knew how to have an impact.  Realtor's do co-branding with other professionals in the field like lenders and home inspectors.  I realized one day that I could co-brand my business with O.U.R.!  People can always donate more to my mission to help achieve my goal.  But, it is an achievable goal for me to fund one mission every two years by asking for people's business instead of asking for their money.  See my website at ryanthomas.realtor and follow me on facebook for updates at https://www.facebook.com/BrightbillThomas/

The Impact

What's great about this campaign is that I can raise awareness and fund missions through my daily work life.  I can achieve this by charging the same competitive commission rate, but giving a piece of it to O.U.R.  I will raise awareness by co-branding all of my marketing with O.U.R.  Everything from business cards, shirts, and my website.  I will also include information about O.U.R. in my listing presentations. 

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Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 320.00

Sale of Wise Avenue and Hamlet Ct.

Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 1216.00

Church St, Locust Street, 32 W Main, 341 E. Main, Kimberly Drive, Royal Street, Gay Street

Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 820.00

712 Goddard Drive

Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 350.00

3721 Kimberly Lane

Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 200.00

218 E. Broadway Street

Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 280.00

Sale of E Prospect Street

Ryan Thomas

Amount: $ 300.00


Amount: $ 500.00

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