Five Dollars For Freedom Campaign

Currently nearly 2 million children are sold into sex slavery each year.



Once upon a time a few months ago, I learned a sickening truth that nearly 2 million children are in a current, modern day sex slavery. Their innocence has been taken from them and more important their self worth has been stripped down to nothing. Gut wrenching and horrible, right? Like so painful we want to stop talking about it and turn our heads. But we can't. Why? Because just because we choose to ignore it, it will continue to happen if we don't all join efforts to beat down this dark evil. It's about CHILDREN, and literally rescuing them from slavery in the darkest form. Just this past year over 230 children and adults were rescued from sex slavery! Operation Underground Railroad ( used an advanced software program, teamed up with local governments and sent in jump teams to bust traffickers and rescue kids from sex slavery! And all this was possible due to generous donations that funded these rescues. But more needs and can be done. That's why I'm launching a FIVE DOLLAR FOR FREEDOM Facebook campaign. Here's how it works: We need to raise $2,000 in two weeks! I need 400 angels (each of you) to each donate $5. That's nothing to you, but means everything to this cause; this cause that's about CHILDREN...Please join our team to rescue kids and donate $5 today! Click on the link on my page and make a tax deductible donation! Thank you, Thank you in advance!!!!

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