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My name is Maggie and I came across O.U.R.'s website a while ago while searching for opportunities to serve at a worldwide level. I've been involved in several projects for different Charitable Organizations but I firmly believe, this is the most important work anyone can do. PROTECT ALL CHILDREN and VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING. Fighting against Sex Trafficking is a fairly large task, almost impossible as it may seem. Sadly, only 1% of victims get rescued. BUT TOGETHER, WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

I feel my heart break a little more everyday knowing that there are many children being forced to do things, I can't even repeat, and to know that people postpone listening to the cries of the children and victims of Human Trafficking. It is hard to wrap our minds about it and all that it even means, but I believe we must not look away from this problem because that is how it has gotten to this point where over 2 MILLION CHILDREN SERVE AS SEX SLAVES and are forced to do unspeakable things to fulfill the DEMAND that comes from the most EVIL INDUSTRY of all, which is the PORNOGRAPHY INDUSTRY. 

Many delay their action because of guilt, or because they are unable to STOP being addicted to WATCHING PORNOGRAPHY, but don't let that stop you. Everyone is strong enough to overcome this evil habit that consumes lives, wastes precious time and real relationships. EVERYONE CAN HELP, regardless of what you are going through in this life, we can all contribute even if it's just $5. If you know that small amount of money was enough to save a child, a victim, someone's baby girl or baby boy, someone's brother or sister or mom or dad from being raped, tortured, burned several times a day... Would you donate $5? No amount is too big or small to donate.

I think about these children every day and I can only hope they are found and the light has not been taken from them so that they can stll have faith and be healed. I can hear the children crying for help until their voices fade and they are long gone... I can't spend one more day thinking I won't do something about it. I am now, and you can too!

The Impact

What is the value of a Life? What is the value of a baby's life? Let's pretend for a second your loved ones are taking away and no one seems to care or to think to TAKE ACTION and help you look for them. Your loved ones are anxiously waiting to be rescued but because people are too busy with thier social lives or spending money on things that pleases them, no one is taking the time to help you find your loved ones... Now, that is the reason why Operation Undergraound Railroad exists. Because very few will take that step and really spring into ACTION to SAVE A LIFE. 

JOIN the movement today and let's END HUMAN TRAFFICKING Together! Donate now and tell those 2-4 Million children, someone is coming for them. That they will see the light again. That even when they have been abused and terrorized every second, they can heal with the aftercare programs O.U.R. Provides for victims of Human Trafficking. Your verbal and financial support counts. 

Donate to this Campaign or any O.U.R. Campaign. You can also donate directly on their site. Just don't forget to Donate and educate yourself, educate your family, your community and encourage at least 5 people monthly, to TAKE ACTION. OUR children and future generations will thank us for taking a stand and helping selfless Warriors of Light track, identify and rescue every child and victim possible. 

Donate now, Save a LIFE, Save a SOUL. 

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Isabel and Tom, Diana and Audrey Parkin

Amount: $ 15.00

We belong to the Church or JesusChrist of the Latter day Saints and we are proud modern day abolitionists. We will be contributing often as we are selling everything we can at home to support the best cause IN THE WORLD, protecting the children.

Sarah and Antonio Torres & Family

Amount: $ 25.00

Guatemalan Families against Human Trafficking. We must protect OUR children no matter where they are from! Familias son eternas. Lds.org

Berlen, Fredy and Leon Family

Amount: $ 50.00

Latin Families against Human trafficking on board and hoping to do much more to help. Families are Forever :)

Maggie Johnson

Amount: $ 125.00

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