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My name is Luke Jorjorian and I work in the metals recycling and refining industry. I first heard about Operation Underground Railroad on the Glenn Beck program and was deeply moved to become involved in any way I could. I'm starting this campaign with the hopes of being able to make a difference, no matter how small it might be. The idea is simple though, almost everyone in America has updated their cellphone at one point or another. Most of us throw the old one into a drawer or cabinet and forget the thing ever existed until we start cleaning one day. Instead of throwing it away or leaving it to gather dust, these cellphones could be recycled or reused to help raise funds to stop these monsters that operate these child trafficking rings. Something as simple as a junk cellphone could help make a change and possibly save a life.

The Impact

The impact from this campaign could be huge. With tens of millions of phones sitting idly in houses or at businesses, there is the potential to raise tens of millions of dollars for a cause so worthy. The consequences of doing nothing means there will continue to be more and more kids forced into this life of horror and sadness. No child or human should be put through these terrors and by doing something as simple as recycling your old junk, you can help change the world.

To donate, people can mail in their old phones using a small package or for locals we accept drop-offs anytime. Cellphones are not the only item we accept either, every electronic item can be recycled and can help generate money for this cause. This includes laptops, computers, tablets, routers, gaming systems and almost anything else containing a circuit board. 

We are located at 363 Franklin Street, Worcester MA 01604 and people are welcome to come by anytime during normal business hours to either donate or see our operation. 

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