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Raise the Bar is committed to helping O.U.R in their relentless fight against Human Trafficking. By bringing resources and local awareness to bear we hope to contribute to the organization's mission on a scale that exceeds our size and scale. 

In 2017, Virginia ranked 15th in the United States for the most reported cases of human trafficking for sex and cheap or free employment. Last year, the state reported 156 cases, and 70 percent of those were sex trafficking, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. 

Raise the Bar, Inc. is matching the first $3,000 raised for this campaign. 

Thank you for contributing to our campaign and helping us go on the offensive against this unbearable crime. 

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Mehmet Gokce

Amount: $ 200.00

May God Bless everyone involved in savings these innocent children!

Alex Lopez

Amount: $ 100.00

David Schroeder

Amount: $ 100.00

Brian Sweeney

Amount: $ 3000.00


Amount: $ 300.00

The Lords protects the upright, but destroys the wicked! May the Lord bless and keep OUR, may his face shine upon OUR with grace, may he find favor with OUR and grant OUR peace!

Charlie Fromm

Amount: $ 150.00

James Walker

Amount: $ 250.00

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