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Goldilocks Events is dedicated to helping women become the hero of their own story.  With bicycle rides in Utah, Idaho and Nevada, the Western United states are our stomping grounds.  Our Provo, Utah ride will be on September 22nd, 2018.  Women from all over will gather to ride 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 miles.  We have started this campaign with Operation Underground Railroad to create awareness and to fight against and end child sex trafficking.  

The Impact

Our campaign is important. Women can rise up and fight against child sex trafficking.  By bringing awareness to the issue, and donating to the campaign, we can help locate child sex slaves and connect with local law enforcement, rescue the children and take them to safe havens for rehabilitation and go after ringleaders and break up their organizations.

"If my team and I don't find these kids, no one is going to.  Its our job.  We have to do something." -Tim Ballard, O.U.R. Founder

Women are a force for good.  And we can help when no one else will.  Ending child sex slavery is critical: to stop its worldwide spread, we need to send a message that it is happening, prevalent and wrong.  Bike riding for a cause is great.  Bike riding for a life is better.  

Lets save lives together by dedicating Goldilocks Rides to ending child sex trafficking worldwide.  Ride in a Goldilocks event to have some of your registration donated to Operation Undergroudn Railroad.  Additional donations are welcome through this campaign.

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