End Modern Day Slavery

End Modern Day Slavery



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My 11 year old daughter came home asking questions about Human Trafficking around the same time that a high school friend of mine began campaigning for Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) with her own 11 year old daughter in Florida.  I was thankful to have the resources at hand to be able to educate, as well as empower my family on this topic.  After difficult conversations with my daughter, we felt moved to help!

The Impact

I started brainstorming ways I could turn this into a service learning opportunity for my two children while simultaneously raising awareness in our community.  We live in a port city, and therefore, are more susceptible to trafficking.  We plan to kick off our campaign with a fun lemonade stand with goodies plus an adult Happy Hour.  We will also hand out Mason jars to the families that wish to collect loose change for this cause and collect them at in at the end of August (thanks, Lisa for the idea!). 

The two highest donors will receive surcees - we are thinking a box of homemade buckeyes and drank tank t shirt.  



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Amount: $ 100.00

I deposited the loose change that my neighbors and I collected over the summer. After coinstar took 12%, we raised just under $100 :)


Amount: $ 20.00

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